tagline editor


current taglines:
all bow down to the power of the brown
all you need is brown
and brown shall decend upon the earth
are you burning for brown?
are you down with the brown?
ask your doctor to see if a free sample of senior brown is right for you
bow down to brown
brown for life
brown is all you need
brown, it's what's for dinner!
can't stop the brown
click "refresh" to see what really bad poop jokes we'll come up with next!
coming soon to a toilet near you
count on brown
crown the brown
don't clown with brown
don't frown, push brown!
drown with me in a sea of brown
everyone needs a bit of brown
everything's better with brown
experience the brown
fade to brown
give me brown or give me death
got brown?
have you pushed it today?
how now, brown cow?
i do have to poo
i got a squeezer on deck, that could choke a don-key!
i ripped butt
in brown we trust
is it in you?
it's rich, it's creamy, it's brown
look what i browned!
near, far, wherever you are, i believe that my brown will go on
needs more brown
no need to frown, it's senior brown!
push brown when you're down
roll that beautiful brown footage
scream and shout, push it on out
squeeze out the best
step into the brown
take a walk on the brown side
the brown has you
the most beautiful of the ugly colors
this brown is my brown, this brown is your brown
this brown was made for you and me
this brown's for you
trusty crusty brown
upside down frown for brown
warn the the town the brown is loose, ahhi ahhi!
we are brown and we are one
you cannot stop us. we have this brown. you die now. are you afraid?
what can brown do for you?
what is the brown?
when push comes to shove
would you like some brown with that?
you've got brown!
in the brown shag carpet of a cheap motel...
i feel brown!
le marron obtenu?
home of rishi devata and browndas
one unbounded ocean of brown
one ring to bring them all and in the brownness bind them
pass me some of those "special" brownies
browned and round
we call this one the brown fish
i'll have two large pizzas, green peper and black olives and a medium drink and some brown
nature's calling
feeling down, turn to brown
2today i took 2 shits in 2 hours
it looks like a vagina
brown--the other blue.
¿tienes marrón?
Bruselline Smother Monk
how now brown cow crap
brown in my mouth
a little bit less colorful than a ruptured pimple
emily browning
don't forget to seenyour brown
so guys whens the orgy? jk no seriously
da crown, da brown